Golden beach, Florida

European Chic

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European Chic. Mansion

Classic Villa

Golden Beach

Every room in this mansion can tell the story

We captivated the client so well on their first project that they invited us back and gave us cart blanche for their new 15,000+sqft second home design.  We created a truly unique style where Miami Traditional meets French Chic. 

Every detail of this majestic home was customized to the client’s lifestyle, needs and indulgences. Two splendid Master Suites with full size slabs on the showers and dream-like His and Hers closets. Our designers worked closely with every artisan and manufacturers to assure that final result will be perfect as we had envisioned.

Incorporating a grand pool room for entertaining, a family room for luxurious living, and unending intercostal water views made this the perfect fit.

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