Rio Vista, Fort Lauderdale

Streamlined Modern

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Streamlined Modern

Modern Rio Vista

Fort Lauderdale, Rio Vista

Intracoastal living with vast open layout

Full height bookmatched marble slabs fireplace simply presents a cool sculptural addition to the contemporary monochrome lounge scheme. Pale grey lounge furniture and a matching area rug keep the decor palette restful, whilst the fireplace and a chunky marble square coffee table provide punchy accents.

Eye catching artworks make a sophisticated addition to the foyer’s walls. We accentuated the home’s architectural features, and brought warmth to the simple neutral aesthetic. Suave modern furniture adds character through complexity of shape and tonal contrast.

An outdoor dining table and modern outdoor chairs offer a closer connection with Mother Nature at breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bed of grass attractively breaks the dining area apart from the swimming pool, and serves as a subtle guide toward the top of the pool’s underwater steps.

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